Unlocking Reading Comprehension: The Power of Activating Prior Knowledge

Hi Teacher Friends, Lori and Melissa from the Melissa & Lori Love Literacy podcast are taking over this month’s blog. We’ve hosted over 150 podcast...

A Bird’s Eye View: Knowledge Building Across Grade Levels

PhD Science® students build knowledge coherently across modules and grade levels, leading to deep conceptual understanding. Join PhD Science Senior...

Addressing Pandemic Learning Gaps with Wit & Wisdom

The recent release of the Nation’s Report Card presents a cause for deep concern, particularly the shocking statistic that nearly 40 percent of...

Building Enduring Knowledge, Not Just Skills

Knowledge Matters 

Knowledge Matters, Too

The science of reading is getting increased attention from national media, including this cover story,

Seeing Is Believing: The Power of Using Art to Teach Math

Schools across the country are using beautiful Navajo rugs to teach elementary-school students about shapes and a classic painting by Paul Klee to...

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