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Assessment Overview

Visibility into Student Learning

Imagine knowing what your students are thinking about a given math skill or concept at any time. Making Learning visible is the focus of our Eureka Math2® assessment system.

Eureka Math Squared Module Assessment example in laptop

Assessment before learning

Diagnostic Assessment
- Eureka Math2 Equip™ pre-module assessment*
*Premium Assessment Package

Assessment during learning

Formative Assessment
- Observational Assessments
- Exit Tickets
- Topic Tickets/Topic Quizzes
- Achievement Descriptors and Proficiency Indicators

Assessment after learning

Summative Assessment
- Module Assessments
- Benchmark Assessments*
*Premium Assessment Package


Defining Learning Goals

Standards-aligned Achievement Descriptors and their corresponding Proficiency Indicators set a standard for success, while pre-module assessments determine supports students may need to access grade-level content.

Achievement Descriptors and Proficiency Indicators

Achievement Descriptors outline what students should know after each lesson or module and are in the front of every Teach book.

Proficiency Indicators analyze how well students understand the concepts taught in a lesson or module and are in the back of every Teach module.

Diagnostic Assessment Powered by Eureka MathEquip

Pre-module assessments assess foundational knowledge, while robust reporting provides recommendations for grouping and just-in-time targeted supporting activities to help teachers get students back on track to access core grade-level instruction. Eureka Math2 Equip is part of the premium assessment package.

Great Minds Digital Platform - Screenshot showing Grade 3 Module 1 Equip Core Item #6, Equip Summary Results Report,  and Equip Student Performance Report


Formative Assessment

Progress-monitoring tools ensure students are on track and give teachers data to make real-time course corrections leading toward proficiency with grade-level standards and expectations.

Observational Assessment Recording Sheet


Exit Tickets


Sample Exit Tickets Thumbnails
Sample Topic Tickets and Quizzes shown on laptop and handous

Topic Tickets and Quizzes


Topic Tickets (levels 1–2) and Topic Quizzes (level 3–Algebra I) may also be used as a summative assessment.


Summative Assessment

Measure proficiency with major concepts, skills, and applications against standards over time with summative assessments. Summative assessments include a variety of technology-enhanced items found on annual state tests, including fill-in-the-blank, short answer, multiple-choice, choice matrix, drag and drop, graphing, hot spot, plotting, and constructed response.

Module Assessments

Assess student proficiency with the major concepts, skills, and applications at the end of each module. 

Module Assessments Samples in Print and Digital
Benchmark Assessments Samples - Printed and Digital

Benchmark Assessments

Assess student proficiency with math skills from previous modules, and select review skills and concepts reflecting the major work of the grade. Available for print (levels 1–2) and digital (level 3–Algebra I) administration. Benchmark Assessments are part of the premium assessment package.


Assessment Data to Drive Instruction

When assessments are administered digitally, teachers gain access to a large variety of auto-generated proficiency reports. All of these reports are housed in the Great Minds Digital Platform.

  • Classroom Reports: Access whole-class data to identify trends, form learning groups, and monitor progress.
  • Individual Reports: View data at the individual student level to identify misconceptions, communicate with families, and address relearning.
  • Admin Reports: Monitor proficiency from a district level with administrative reports broken down by standard, grade level, school, etc.

Eureka Math2 Equip™ Reports: Analyze student performance on pre-module assessments, view auto-generated student group recommendations based on needs, and access supporting activities to help fill gaps in foundational knowledge.

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