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Collaborative Conversation Prompts

Are you looking to support student discourse in your science classroom? This is the perfect resource for you. This free Collaborative Conversations bulletin board bundle encourages conversation in your classroom that students can refer to all year long.


Supporting Educators In Improving Practice Through Student Discourse

When given the opportunity to clarify, justify, and interpret their ideas through discussion, students are able to deepen their scientific reasoning and understanding. You can support this evidence-based discourse in your classroom by using these Collaborative Conversation prompts. 

You can use this science board bundle for the following: 

  • Displaying Collaborative Conversation prompts  
  • Supporting classroom expectations for discourse  

Download includes the following: 

  • Collaborative Conversation bulletin board set up with directions 
  • Visual to support suggested grouping of prompts
  • Title words: (Collaborative Conversation)
  • Four subtitles: (Clarification, Reasoning, Evidence, and Collaboration)
  • Total of 20 prompts: (example: “Why do you think that?” and “What is your evidence?”)
  • See setup directions for placement suggestions
  • Total Pages: 23

Discover how through specific structures and routines you can help your students feel connected to their learning through class discussions.

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PhD Science Level 3 Module 1 Science Logbook Did you know that over 75% of Great Minds staff are current or former teachers? That's why we know how important supporting student discourse is. Student discourse leads to higher engagement and richer knowledge building.

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