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Great Minds Offers ELA Content Leader Training in Louisiana

Louisiana educators are welcome to nominate teachers in your school or district for our Wit & Wisdom Content Leader training program.

By: Katie Waters and Cari Killian

Across Oceans, Geodes Make the Grade

Geodes books for emerging readers are a big hit with students in Thailand, the first international audience for these content-rich, lovely volumes.

By: Jill Gerber

In Baltimore, a School-Library Partnership is a Recipe for Success

The Baltimore community is rallying brilliantly to help students become lifelong readers.  
By: Jill Gerber

Knowledge Building in Early Literacy to Develop Lifelong Readers

With Geodes, emerging readers are given the tools to build confidence and develop a lifelong love of reading. Find out how you can support long-term literacy development in your students.

By: Great Minds

Supporting Equity Through a Knowledge-Building Approach to ELA

Increase vocabulary growth and equity in your classroom with a knowledge-building approach to your English Language Arts curriculum. Access the tools you need to support your students.

By: Rachel Stack

Building a Reader's Oasis in a Book Desert

A bookworm teacher gives her best tips for creating a welcoming classroom library.

By: Katie Waters

5 Ways to Jumpstart the School Year with High-Quality Curricula

Designing a high-quality curriculum is the best way to build knowledge and inspire the best in your students.

Reading Instruction: What's Missing, How to Fill in the Gaps

Early readers deserve knowledge-building, phonics practice-enabling books to reverse negative trends in reading proficiency.  Great Minds offers a brilliant solution.  
By: Catherine Schmidt

Baltimore's Strongest to Share Strengths

Two of Baltimore's top teachers are sharing their expertise as Wit & Wisdom Fellows.  
By: Wit & Wisdom