Wit & Wisdom

Why I'm ready to go back to school and teach

A high quality curriculum serves students whether learning in school or at home. An eighth grade teacher explains how and why.
By: Sarah Lyle

Fostering Collaboration in a Remote Learning Environment

Student collaboration is key to literacy learning. With creative thinking, successful collaboration can take place in a virtual environment.
By: Katy Tarasi

Leveled Texts Reflect the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

Skip leveled readers in favor of more challenging texts, appropriately scaffolded. Students do better that way, and they all deserve a chance to thrive.
By: Catherine Schmidt

Curriculum in a pandemic: Four lessons learned

Great Minds CEO Lynne Munson describes four lessons learned from rapidly standing up Knowledge on the Go video lessons this spring.

By: Lynne Munson

If You Want to Know What Works for Students With Dyslexia, Ask Them

A little communication goes a long way toward helping students with dyslexia. Our LauraMarie Coleman and her daughter, Anne, explain.

By: Anne Coleman and LauraMarie Coleman

Kyair Butts on Making Distance Learning Work

Baltimore Teacher of the Year Kyair Butts explains how he's making distance learning work for his students. Wit & Wisdom's knowledge-based design helps them succeed.

By: Wit & Wisdom

Great Minds Offers ELA Content Leader Training in Louisiana

Louisiana educators are welcome to nominate teachers in your school or district for our Wit & Wisdom Content Leader training program.

By: Katie Waters and Cari Killian

Across Oceans, Geodes Make the Grade

Geodes books for emerging readers are a big hit with students in Thailand, the first international audience for these content-rich, lovely volumes.

By: Jill Gerber

In Baltimore, a School-Library Partnership is a Recipe for Success

The Baltimore community is rallying brilliantly to help students become lifelong readers.  
By: Jill Gerber