Eureka Math

The Case for Grade-level Instruction as Schools Reconvene

Taking a "just in time" approach fills student learning gaps in the moment, moving students forward while building needed knowledge.
By: LauraMarie Coleman

Why I'm proud to be a Louisiana educator

Louisiana's commitment to building student knowledge persists through school closures.
By: Nell McAnelly

Curriculum That Builds Knowledge is Critical for Equity

Knowledge-building curriculum transforms teachers and students, wherever learning takes place. District of Columbia Public Schools are a prime example.

Curriculum in a pandemic: Four lessons learned

Great Minds CEO Lynne Munson describes four lessons learned from rapidly standing up Knowledge on the Go video lessons this spring.

By: Lynne Munson

Thinking Creatively in Math Class

Math class should be about much more than following rules. It should be about thinking creatively and indulging curiosity to solve problems.
By: LauraMarie Coleman

What to Look for in Math Lessons at Home

Learning at home presents an opportunity for parents to look at the math curriculum their children are using.  Does the material add up to high quality? 
By: Lynne Munson

If You Want to Know What Works for Students With Dyslexia, Ask Them

A little communication goes a long way toward helping students with dyslexia. Our LauraMarie Coleman and her daughter, Anne, explain.
By: Anne Coleman and LauraMarie Coleman

Math Can Help Teach Students to Make Good Decisions

Math can teach students to make good decisions, both inside and outside the classroom.
By: Joe Roicki

Build Relationships, Build Student Success in Math Class

Relationships between teachers and students and among students are key to math student success. Joe Roicki explains.
By: Joe Roicki