Exponentially Greater

Eureka Math²® is a revolutionary Prekindergarten–Algebra I* math program designed to advance equity in the math classroom by helping students build enduring math knowledge.

In Eureka Math² you’ll still find the consistent math models, rigor to support the productive struggle, and coherence across grades that you love from Eureka Math®.

Now you’ll also find digital interactives, increased opportunities for student discourse, and a new level of flexibility to make math instruction exponentially more teachable and engaging.



Eureka Math 2 - EdReports Review Year 2023

Eureka Math²® Undergoes EdReports Review

Eureka Math² was recently reviewed by EdReports for its alignment with the college and career readiness standards. Scan the QR code or access the final report.

The most celebrated math curriculum is now even more joyful to teach and learn

Advancing Equity through Math Instruction

How can a math curriculum advance equity? By providing teachers with high-quality materials and tools to ensure students build a conceptual understanding of mathematics.

Our Eureka Math² teacher–writers and experts used a research-based approach to craft a new curriculum that ensures students build enduring knowledge.

Learn more about our commitment to accessibility.


Read more about how we’ve incorporated the principles of the Universal Design for Learning to account for learner variance so all students can access grade-level content.


See how lessons and modules are intentionally organized to leverage connections between concepts, and progress conceptual understanding from simple to complex to help students access new learning and problem-solving.


Through an intentional integration of digital resources, a focused approach to encouraging student discourse, and by connecting lessons to real-world math, students stay engaged in the learning. Get access to the curriculum.

Through this knowledge-building approach, Eureka Math² helps teachers unlock the greatness in every child.

Watch this guided walk-through of the curriculum to learn more.

Access our state alignment studies to see how Eureka Math2 supports your mathematics standards.

Interested in piloting Eureka Math2 in your classroom? Learn more.


The Intersection of Art and Math

While students often think of math as simply numbers, we know that mathematics itself is an art—and math is a key element of artistic compositions throughout history. Eureka Math² brings that connection to center stage by featuring a piece of fine art that has a connection to the math taught in the module. With this focus, the art provides a novel entry point for all learners to engage with while building knowledge of math concepts.

Everything Needed to Teach and Learn Math

Eureka Math² includes print and digital materials designed to engage students and provide
teachers with high-quality materials to lead every math lesson with confidence.

Student uses large protractor at a whiteboard to demonstrate understanding of obtuse and right angles.

For Teachers

The Teach book is the Teacher Edition and is also available in Spanish for Grade Levels Prekindergarten–Algebra I

The Great Minds® Digital Platform teacher access provides lesson facilitation slides along with all the same content found in the Teach book.

Achievement Descriptors represent what students should know, and Proficiency Indicators show what knowing looks like.

Pre-Module diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments provide teachers comprehensive visibility into student learning.

Talking Tool and Thinking Tool posters to facilitate mathematical discourse.

Great Minds Data Talks offer accessible data literacy activities that engage students in critical thinking and discourse while interpreting data visualizations. Explore a sample of our Data Talks' Teacher Resources and Student Resources.

Family Math Night Resources provide teachers with ready-made tools that create a rich, productive, engaging Eureka Math2 family night in your learning community.


Lesson plans, course overviews, and videos are shown on small and medium digital devices.

For Students

The Learn book is the student edition and is also available in Spanish for Grade Levels Prekindergarten–Algebra I. It provides students with in-class lesson supports, problem sets, and formative assessments (Exit Tickets and Topic Tickets). 

The Apply book provides students in Grade Levels 1–5 with additional practice for home.

Digital lessons and interactives fuel student discourse.

Math context videos provide students with low floor/high ceiling learning opportunities as they explore real-world math.

Family Math and Practice Partners provide caregivers with guidance on how to best support their mathematicians at home.

Open-middle and open-ended tasks empower students to find their own solution pathways.

Hands-on math manipulatives provide students with kinesthetic learning opportunities.


Supporting Teachers Before, During, and After Implementation

Eureka Math-Class

Guidance and Coaching Built into Every Lesson

High-quality curriculum can transform a classroom, but only if teachers have the support they need to implement it. Eureka Math² teacher–writers and experts crafted the curriculum with point-of-use notes to guide teachers on:

  • UDL principles
  • Language support
  • Differentiation
  • Instructional choices
  • And more
Eureka Math-PD

Professional Learning from a Trusted Colleague

Our math team members have crafted a series of professional development sessions and personalized coaching bundles to support both teachers new to Eureka Math² and experienced implementers.

Flexible lessons allow teachers to focus on the needs of their students.



Do you have any questions you would want to ask our experts? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to our most-received queries. Are there other questions you have? We’re here to help.


See how our curricula leverage a similar learning design to help students build enduring knowledge.

* A Mathematics I integrated math course is also available.