In 2013, Eureka Math®, previously known as EngageNY Math, transformed math instruction nationwide. Now we’re raising it to the second power.

Eureka Math²™ is a revolutionary math program designed to ensure that students move beyond rote memorization to build enduring math knowledge. It takes everything you love about Eureka Math—consistent math models, rigor to support the productive struggle, and coherence across lessons, modules, and grades—and adds a new level of flexibility and accessibility as well as visibility into student understanding to make math instruction exponentially more teachable and engaging.

As part of our continued effort to advance equity in educational materials, this transformational program is available for grade levels K–Algebra I in English and levels K–5 in Spanish. Get access to learn more about Eureka Math² and preview materials in both English and Spanish.


Eureka Math² classrooms look and sound different from other math classes. Every lesson includes opportunities for student discourse because peer-to-peer discussion helps students solidify their understanding of math concepts. The Eureka Math2 digital experience was carefully crafted to further support discourse, giving all students an opportunity to access the learning and share their mathematical thinking with their classmates while also providing teachers with a window into student thinking. Whether with a partner, in small groups, or in a full-class discussion, in a Eureka Math² classroom you see and hear students sharing their mathematical knowledge. Students learn to think like mathematicians as they tackle tough problems and answer their own questions.

Our team of teacher–writers have crafted a professional learning experience to support teachers adopting Eureka Math2 for their classroom.


Access Professional Learning


The Talking Tool supports students in producing language to engage in discourse about mathematics.



We’ve put into practice the latest research on supporting multilingual learners, leveraging Universal Design for Learning principles and promoting social-emotional learning, to ensure all students have access to grade-level content. Our instructional design, instructional routines, and lesson-specific strategies help teachers address learner variance. In-context margin notes give teachers guidance to help students with understanding, speaking, and writing English in mathematical contexts.


We believe that words shouldn’t get in the way of learning math. We've designed Eureka Math2 with active consideration for the perspective of students who need support with reading, especially those with dyslexia. Students of all reading abilities benefit from the curriculum’s consistent use of straightforward and concise language and from the visual supports built into all Eureka Math² student materials. 


Every classroom is unique, and we’ve designed Eureka Math² to meet the needs of every learning community. Modules and lessons are designed to be flexible, so teachers can spend their time where it’s needed most—delivering instruction that meets the needs of their specific students. With differentiation suggestions, slide decks, digital interactives, multiple forms of assessment, and much more, Eureka Math2 is the most teachable high-quality curriculum available.


The Eureka Math² Digital Experience

There's more to Eureka Math² than can fit on a printed page. Digital Lessons and interactives fuel student discourse, and digital tools streamline lesson facilitation while giving teachers insight into student work.

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Eureka Math Squared - Cover Art


The Intersection of Art and Math

While students often think of math as simply numbers, we know that mathematics itself is an art—and math is a key element of artistic compositions throughout history.

Eureka Math² brings that connection to center stage in every module by featuring a piece of fine art that has a connection to the math taught in the module. With this focus, the art provides a novel entry point for all learners to engage with and develop understanding of math concepts.



Accelerate Learning with Eureka Math² Equip

Widespread school closures have left many students with some catching up to do. That’s why Great Minds® developed Eureka Math2 Equip, a digital adaptive diagnostic assessment tool that helps teachers identify and address knowledge gaps by accelerating learning. Eureka Math2 Equip helps ensure all students have a solid foundation before tackling the next challenge in their studies.

Increasing Visibility into Student Learning

Data-informed teaching isn’t about checking off standards. It’s about making student learning visible. Every Eureka Math2 module begins with Achievement Descriptors—a summary of the module’s learning objectives and guidance to measure proficiency as students progress through each lesson. With premodule, formative, and summative assessments in digital, print, and observational formats, Eureka Math2 allows teachers to identify and address knowledge gaps—while measuring growth—in individual students as well as across classrooms and cohorts.


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Eureka Math² is our new math curriculum, but if you are currently implementing Eureka Math and looking for materials or program support, we’re here to help.