Wonder, Investigate, Know.

PhD Science®
is a hands-on K–5 science program that sparks wonder as students build enduring knowledge of how the scientific world works.

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PhD Science students think and act like real scientists as they ask questions, gather evidence, develop models, and construct explanations while investigating authentic phenomena.

All students deserve the opportunity to build an unshakeable knowledge of the scientific world. That’s why we offer PhD Science for Levels K–2 as an open educational resource (OER).

PhD Science Level 3 Module 2 Science Logbook


Level K Module 2 Knowledge Deck Card with New York Harbor


PhD Science Receives High Marks from WestEd

Read how PhD Science was evaluated on the EQuIP rubric in the categories of:

  • NGSS 3D Design,
  • NGSS Instructional Supports,
  • and Monitoring NGSS Student Progress.


Knowledge Matters Campaign Celebrates PhD Science as A High-Quality Science Curriculum

PhD Science classrooms were visited and celebrated by the Knowledge Matters Campaign with students building enduring knowledge and skills in science, reading, and other areas.

Inspiring students to wonder about the world and empowering them to make sense of it.

Fostering Curiosity to Build Enduring Knowledge

Children are curious and observant and need the opportunity to make sense of the world around them. And yet, when it comes to science instruction, students are too often left reading about scientific discoveries of the past and memorizing scientific facts instead of experiencing science. PhD Science was crafted to change that, leveraging students’ curiosity to build a deep and lasting understanding of science.


PhD Science students acquire deep and lasting comprehension through hands-on activities and evidence-based learning. Students are actively doing science to build knowledge, rather than memorizing and quickly forgetting.

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Teachers facilitate the learning, but students own it. Like real scientists, they ask questions, synthesize information, and apply their understanding to new contexts. 

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Each lesson builds on the lessons before it, so students develop their understanding of science concepts in the context of each module's anchor phenomenon.

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Through this knowledge-building approach, PhD Science students develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that extend well beyond a science lesson.

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Access our state alignment studies to see how PhD Science supports your science standards.

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PhD Science Level 3 Module 1 Science Logbook

Building Science Knowledge Through Fine Art

Art and science both begin with a sense of wonder that invites students to observe, question, and make sense of the world around them. Artists often highlight specific aspects of a phenomenon, sparking students’ curiosity about it and providing them with a new access point into the learning. See how PhD Science weaves art into science content, allowing students to practice the scientific skills of making observations, asking questions, and noticing patterns while they share what they notice and wonder.

Everything Needed to Teach and Do Science

PhD Science includes print, digital, and hands-on materials kits designed to spark student curiosity and provide
teachers with high-quality instructional materials to lead every science lesson with confidence.

PhD Science components, including PhD Science in Sync, PhD Science digital resources, and PhD Science Science Logbook

For Teachers

A Teacher Edition for four module topics covered in a school year includes all lessons and teacher support items.

Facilitation slides are available through PhD Projected for each day’s lesson.

Formative and summative assessments are embedded in every module.

PhD Science in Sync® offers video lessons and assignments for continuous learning so students can build knowledge if they—or the teacher—have to take time away from class.
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For Students

The Science Logbook is where students will synthesize the information and reflect on what they’re learning.

Hands-on materials kits include most of the materials needed to conduct the investigations in each module.

Knowledge Deck™ cards help Levels K–2 students build knowledge on the module topic with engaging images and informational text.

Trade books have been carefully selected to support each module’s anchor phenomenon and provide students with additional literacy practice.

Family Tip Sheets provide caregivers with guidance on how to best support their scientists at home.

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Materials are also available in Spanish.

Students independently working on various science activities related to energy with teacher looking on

Supporting Teachers Before, During, and After Implementation

Couple students conducting a hands-on investigation

Guidance and Coaching Built into Every Lesson

Our teacher–writers crafted the curriculum to help teachers make that transition from a lecture-based classroom to one where they guide student exploration. The Teacher Edition includes a Launch, Learn, Land lesson plan structure and additional support in every module to facilitate the learning.

  • English language development guidance

  • Differentiation and Extension notes

  • Spotlights on three-dimensional learning

  • The Teacher Resource Pack

  • Teacher Edition appendices resources

  • And more!
An educator being supported during a Professional Development session by a facilitator

Professional Learning from a Trusted Colleague

Our science team members have crafted a series of professional development sessions and personalized coaching bundles to support both teachers new to PhD Science and experienced implementers.

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Science is a dynamic and intriguing field of study. Here’s the curriculum that proves it.



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PhD Science components, including Science Logbook, PhD Projected, additional digital resources, and Knowledge Deck cards

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