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Let’s work together to transform your mathematics classroom.  

Piloting even just one Eureka Math2® module will show you why we say this program is exponentially greater than any high-quality math curriculum available. Our flexible pilot plan can fit into your current instructional sequence. Learn more about our pilot package and what to expect below. 

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The Special Pilot Program

  • Print materials

    • One module of the Teach book (teacher’s edition).  

    • The Learn book (student in-class workbook).  

    • The Apply book (for Grade Levels 1–5), provides additional resources and practice to deepen math understanding outside of class. For Grade Level K and Grade Level 6–Algebra I, these materials are included in the Learn book.

  • Access to the Great Minds® Digital Platform, including Eureka Math2 Equip and Benchmark Assessments.  

  • Pilot teachers and administrators can register for FREE virtual professional development focused on onboarding and pilot success.

  • Ongoing guidance from our implementation team and content experts to support you every step of the way. 

3–8 Week Time Commitment

The time it takes to implement one instruction module in Eureka Math2 varies. However, most modules range from three to eight weeks, including time to assess learning throughout the module. 

Is your school or district ready to connect with our team to sign up? Fill out the form on this page to get started.

Below are additional resources and best practice tips to help you manage expectations for a successful pilot.  

Our math scores on ACT Aspire rose dramatically for our students [from using Eureka Math2].

Teacher, Grade 3

The program has very clear expectations for teacher lessons, and the materials are nicely organized.

Teacher, Grade 4

The sequence and connection of lessons were fantastic! There were so many "aha!" moments for students. I loved the collaboration and discussion.

Teacher, Grade 4

The flow, the color, and the layout [of the Teach book] are all intentional and helpful. The diagrams help with teaching pictorial representations.

Curriculum Director, Grade 7

[The] instructional routines are great for creating math conversations. The Thinking and Talking tools have really given my students confidence to speak up and use math language when sharing their approach to solving a problem.

Teacher, Grade 7

    Making the Decision to Pilot

    Before piloting, you can also read our Reviewer Rubrics which contain documentation on Eureka Math2's alignment to accepted criteria for high-quality, effective math programs. Learn more:

    It also may be helpful to learn more about Eureka Math2 and what you can expect from the curriculum. 

    Do you need to review the program in its entirety to decide? Visit our Curriculum Review webpage and fill out the form to review the entire program by using a trial account, or talk to your Great Minds representative for login details.

    Take a look at the module scope and sequence maps (PDF, 154kb) to help you choose an appropriate module to pilot based on the time of year, scope and sequence of current learning, and student needs.

    Do you currently use Eureka Math®? Take a look at our module suggestion chart (PDF, 120kb). The Great Minds® Digital Platform contains additional program information and more detailed curriculum maps to help you make a module decision. 



    Preparing for a Successful Pilot

    What can you expect from a pilot? Dig deeper into the purpose, design, included materials, available support, and evaluation of the pilot experience in this video 

    • The Pilot Checklist offers step-by-step guidance before, during, and after piloting for both leaders and teachers. 
    • We highly recommend purchasing manipulatives from our partner Didax to help ensure a successful piloting experience, as they are required in lessons. 

    Evaluating the Pilot Experience

    Use the following resources to help you better evaluate the pilot process and to ensure a successful piloting experience.  

    • Use this evaluation tool (PDF, 628kb) to reflect on your pilot experience and determine next steps. 
    • Watch this video of a school leader reflecting on her district's successful Eureka Math2 pilot experience.


    Do you have any questions you would want to ask our experts? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to our most-received queries. Are there other questions you have? We’re here to help.

    Eureka Math2  builds confidence and joy as students see the beauty and practicality of learning the conceptual knowledge behind every math problem.

    –Jill Diniz, Chief Academic Officer, Math

    Ready to talk to our team about piloting in your school or district? Submit the form and we'll reach out to you.