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The Engineering Design Process

Are you looking to support your students in developing solutions to real-world problems? This Engineering Design Process poster is the perfect visual for your future engineers. 


Supporting Students in Solving Real-Life Problems with the Engineering Design Process

This free cyclical six-step Engineering Design Process poster was designed to mirror the process engineers go through to solve problems in real life and can aid students in identifying and defining the steps of the Engineering Design Process, including ask, imagine, plan, create, improve, and share.  

Display it in your classroom or print a smaller version for each student to have their own copy. 

Download includes the following: 

  • One 11x17 K2 grade band Engineering Design Process PDF 
  • One 11x17 35 grade band Engineering Design Process PDF 
  • Total Pages: 2 pages 


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Download another free science classroom resource that will support you and your students in collaborative conversations.

Free Engineering Design Process Poster