Successful Summer School Planning for Math

As the school year draws to a close, I’m often asked how to use Eureka Math® in a summer schoolprogram. The real answer is: It depends on what you...

We are all math teachers. We are all language teachers.

Perhaps you’ve heard the adage that math is a universal language. Some people may think that, because 1 + 1 = 2 is the same in any language,...

Beyond Professional Development: Investing in Teachers and Leaders

When you make a large investment in a curricular change—particularly with a high-quality curriculum like Eureka Math®—it’s worth the additional...

Grassroots Enthusiasm Powers Adoption of Evidence-Based Math and ELA Curricula

The Pentucket (Massachusetts) Regional School District’s journey to using high-quality mathematics and English language arts (ELA) instructional...

Educators Embrace Knowledge-Building Curricula, from Math Sprints to Playground Conversations

Improved achievement on state tests tell part of the success story at Capitol Collegiate Academy, a K–8 public charter school in Sacramento,...

Giving Teachers the PD They Need and Want

A few weeks ago, my oldest son got on the bus for his first day of 1st grade, which means he’s trading in his beach towel, bicycle, and...

Grassroots Effort Spurs Excellence Outside Wichita

Angela Knapp recalls her anxiety when the Maize Unified School District 266 school board was getting ready to vote in 2017 about whether to adopt ...

LA Schools Make Double-Digit Gains with Eureka Math


18 schools: 9 elementary, 4 middle, 5 high school

13,500 students

100% low-income

Most elementary schools adopted Eureka...

Eureka Math and Wit & Wisdom Help California Charter School Network Continue Strong Gains in Math and ELA


Santa Ana438 students 86% low-income 40% English Learners 96% Hispanic/Latino

Adopted Eureka Math in School Year 2016–2017 ...

Even after Initial Gains, Elementary School Leaders Increase Investments in Professional Development


1,320 students

Grades K–5 adopted Eureka Math in School Year 2017–2018

Students at Legacy Early College Charter School, a...

District Continues to Outpace the State Average. Progress Continues into 2019.

DISTRICT PROFILE Schools: 11 Students: 6,300 72% low-income

Adopted Eureka Math in Grades 3–5 in School Year 2015–2016

This small school district...

Staying the Course Pays Dividends for State’s Largest School District

DISTRICT PROFILE Schools: 204 Students: 108,900

Includes Prekindergarten and public charter schools the district serves

Adopted Eureka Math in 18...

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