Eureka Math2 Spanish Materials

Eureka Math2® is committed to supporting all learners as part of its effort to advance equity in mathematical instruction. While Eureka Math2 embeds support for multilingual learners directly into the curriculum materials, it also offers translated materials to provide additional access points for Spanish-speaking students in Grade Levels Prekindergarten–Algebra I. 







Teacher Materials

Spanish Enseñar (Teach) book

  • Module, topic, and lesson overviews as well as complete lessons with supportive margin notes

  • Achievement Descriptors (ADs), which describe what students should know and be able to do

  • Proficiency Indicators, which help teachers analyze and evaluate student work

  • Available in Spanish as a set of six, print-only modules for Grade Levels Prekindergarten–Algebra I



Student Materials

Spanish Aprender (Learn) and Aplicar (Apply) books

  • Spanish Learn (Grade Levels PK–Algebra I) books, which include all student materials needed for in-class work
  • Spanish Apply (Grade Levels 1–5) books, which include family resources and additional practice
  • Both will be available in print as well as on the Great Minds Digital Platform


Lesson-embedded and module assessments in Spanish

  • Observational Assessments Recording Sheets for Levels K–1, and all Exit Tickets, Topic Tickets/Quizzes, and Module Assessments for Grade Levels 1⁠–⁠5
  • Assessments will be included in the appropriate print book, and accessible on the Great Minds Digital Platform

Eureka Math2 Spanish Samples

Enseñar (Teach)


View Samples:

Level 1 Enseñar (Teach)

Level 7 Enseñar (Teach)

Aprender (Learn)


View Samples:

Level 1 Aprender (Learn)

Level 7 Aprender (Learn)

Aplicar (Apply)


View Sample:

Level 1 Aplicar (Apply)

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Provide an Equitable Math Education for All Students

When math is taught effectively, all students learn important vocabulary and language skills. For Spanish-speaking students, an equitable math education is a pathway to help them grow into English-proficient learners and successful bilingual students. Our team is here to help you navigate ordering options and answer any questions.