Science Family Night

every child is capable of greatness.

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The PhD Science® team has put together the below resources to provide a rich, productive, engaging family night in your learning community.

We hope you enjoy the above materials. Additional family resources are available.

About Great Minds and PhD Science

Great Minds®, the creator of Eureka Math2TM and Wit & Wisdom®, is proud to offer PhD Science. This Levels K–5 science curriculum inspires students to wonder about the world and empowers them to make sense of it. PhD Science is a knowledge-building, phenomenon-driven curriculum. The instruction provides students with a real-world context for their learning by focusing on an observable event (a phenomenon) that can be explained or predicted. Through these real-world phenomena, PhD Science sparks students’ curiosity, drives their investigations, and leads to deep understanding of scientific concepts.

Topics: Getting Started - PhD Science Family Support Family Engagement