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Program Components

PhD Science components, including Science Logbook, PhD Projected, additional digital resources, and Knowledge Deck cards

Phenomenon-Based Learning

PhD Science® is a phenomenon-based K–5 curriculum, blended seamlessly across print and digital formats, and grounded with professional development and supports to make every implementation a success.

Print Materials and Manipulatives

PhD Science Teacher Edition cover from Level 3 Module 1 on Weather and Climate

Teacher Edition

Full-color spiral-bound books that include Module Overviews, appendices, lesson sets, and embedded instructional supports for cross-curricular connections, English learners, three-dimensional integration, and more. Also available in Spanish.

PhD Science Science Logbook cover from Level 3 Module 2 on Survival

Science Logbook

A consumable resource students use to document their learning and record evidence and Conceptual Checkpoint responses. Also available in Spanish.

PhD Science hands-on materials kit from Level 3 Module 1 that includes timers, air-dry clay, toy butterflies, seeds, and magnifying glasses

Materials Kits

Cost-conscious supplies to support hands-on investigations, available by module or level and designed for six investigation groups per classroom (consumable supplies available for order in refill kits).

See what materials are included.

Example of a PhD Science core text: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Core Texts

Authentic, content-rich texts that support or explain the science while giving students an opportunity to practice and strengthen literacy skills. Most are available in Spanish with complementary Spanish Support Resources.

Sample pages of a PhD Science End-of-Module Assessment

Assessment Packs

Color-printed pack of End-of-Module Assessments (Levels K–5) and Conceptual Checkpoints (Levels K–2) for easy distribution to students. Also available in Spanish.

Sample pages from PhD Science Student Science Packs

Student Science Packs

Color-printed module resources support a range of activities and are reproduced in appropriate quantities for classroom use. Also available in Spanish.

Example of a PhD Science Knowledge Deck Card that comes from Level 2 Module 1 on Honey Bees

Knowledge Deck™

Carefully crafted informational text combined with visually arresting images on consumable cards for the students and non-consumable posters for the classroom. Students interact with the cards during lessons, collecting a deck of knowledge about different phenomena. Available only in K–2.

Digital Materials

Example of a PhD Science in Sync video lesson

PhD Science in Sync®

Created for hybrid or distance learning, PhD Science in Sync is a continuous learning program designed to ensure that students keep building knowledge when they can’t be in class. Student materials are also available in Spanish.

Learn more about PhD Science in Sync.

Example of PhD Science Projected slides from Level 4 Module 4 on Energy

PhD Projected

A slide resource to aid teachers in classroom presentations. PhD Science in Sync teachers can use this resource when they host virtual class meetings and facilitate science discourse. Also available in Spanish.

Digital dashboard for PhD Science that includes PhD Projected and digital teacher editions

Digital Teacher Edition

The digital version of the print Teacher Edition. Can be purchased separately or within PhD Science in Sync.

Two students engaging in a hands-on activity involving ice


Levels K–2 of PhD Science are available as a free PDF open educational resource (OER).

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Services and Support Tools

Great Minds implementation team leaders

Professional Development and Coaching

A range of virtual and in-person sessions led by our team of teacher–writers, to support schools and districts through implementation.

See the professional learning offerings.

PhD Science Teacher Resource Pack that includes the Implementation Guide, Materials Lists, and Pacing and Preparation Guides

Teacher Resource Pack

This collection of essential supports for educators includes the Implementation Guide, the Vertical Alignment Guide, Materials Lists, and Planning & Prep Calendars.

Access the resources.

Example slide from the PhD Science Resource Overview Session webinar recording

Resource Overview Session

Join a free session to learn more about all the resources available to help you implement our Tier 1 science program. Resource overview sessions show you how our comprehensive supporting resources can help you enjoy a smooth and successful implementation.

Watch a session recording.

Part of the PhD Science Module Map, showing Levels K–2

Module Map

This visual layout of the scope and sequence of PhD Science Levels K–5 presents science topics, anchor phenomena, standards correlations, core texts, and more.

Review the module map.

A fine art example from PhD Science, featuring Windmill by Piet Mondrian

Art of PhD Science

This brief overview shows how art is featured in every module, providing students with powerful opportunities to make observations, ask questions, and interact with scientific phenomena in an accessible and inviting context.

See how art is featured.

Couple sample pages of PhD Science Family Tip Sheets

Family Tip Sheets

Available in both English and Spanish, these tip sheets provide families with an overview of each module and suggestions for how to spark conversations with their child about the science topic they’re investigating.

See family supports.


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