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Unstoppable Curiosity

Meet PhD Science in Sync®—high-quality digital curriculum created by our teacher-writers to provide flexible science learning for Levels K–5.

Investigating. Questioning. Building knowledge. These activities can happen anytime, anywhere. That’s why we created PhD Science in Sync, a continuous learning program that makes rich science education unstoppable.

PhD Science® and PhD Science in Sync are complementary educational programs, seamlessly integrated for unprecedented flexibility. Students can complete lessons with pencil and paper, online, or in a blended online-offline model (recommended). So whether a student or teacher must miss a class, or if a teacher would like to assign supplementary or independent work, PhD Science in Sync offers all the tools to build powerful knowledge.


“As students navigate this pandemic and a changing educational landscape, there’s no better time for them to question the world around them and develop tools to explore and make sense of it. PhD Science in Sync ensures that students have access to a high-quality, coherent curriculum, regardless of their location, to build enduring knowledge of science.”

—Pam Goodner, Chief Academic Officer, Science






    Together, PhD Science and PhD Science in Sync enable teachers to continue to inspire students to wonder about the world and empower them to make sense of it. Review PhD Science.



    Learn Anywhere Plan
    A plan providing teachers with a pacing guide for daily lessons for students learning in class or at home. 

    PhD Science in Sync User Guide
    A guide to help teachers transition from the classroom curriculum to PhD Science in Sync.

    Getting Started with PhD Science in Sync
    A video walk-through of all of the resources included with PhD Science in Sync.

    Science Journal Support
    Sample student responses to Science Journal tasks help teachers gauge student understanding.

    PhD Projected
    Slides with lesson-specific content for online and in-class instruction and discussion with students.

    Digital Teacher Edition
    The complete Teacher Edition in digital form allows teachers to explore the full PhD Science lesson and resources to understand the context of the lesson, lesson set, and module.

    Daily Videos 
    PhD Science lessons and investigations adapted to a virtual environment in video form, including read alouds of the carefully curated core texts selected for each module (full videos available in English and Spanish). 

    Science Journal
    Fillable PDFs focused on the essential learning of the lesson that include activities and questions for students to complete during or after watching each video (available in English and Spanish). Teachers can print the PDFs for students without internet access.

    Level Welcome Videos
    Welcome video introducing students to the PhD Science in Sync virtual teachers.

    Family Tip Sheets
    Overview on PhD Science in Sync and how students will engage with science across different learning environment, with parent tips and resources to provide at home support.


    Preview materials for PhD Science in Sync by completing the form below. Looking for curriculum to use when students return to the classroom? Learn more about piloting PhD Science in your school.


    Join us to see how the curriculum helps teachers guide students in forging foundational scientific knowledge by pursuing their own natural curiosity. We'll also include time for participants to ask questions. Already using PhD Science in your school? This session will also highlight valuable support resources available through your Great Minds® account. Register to watch a PhD Science Resource Overview Session today.



    View Sample Lessons and Supporting Materials

    View Sample Lessons and Supporting Materials


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