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Multilingual Learners, the Science of Reading, and Wit & Wisdom

Multilingual Learners, the Science of Reading, and Wit & Wisdom

Sarah Webb, director of English language arts at Great Minds®, will review the science of reading through the lens of teaching multilingual learners, addressing what we know—and don’t know—about how to best support them in the English language arts classroom. Then she'll share how educators can incorporate new resources into Wit & Wisdom® instruction to support multilingual learners.

This session is the first in a four-part webinar series providing instructional guidance for educators and previewing our range of expanded supports for multilingual learners. We encourage you to register now for the upcoming sessions.


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Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

Sr. Curriculum Designer, Multilingual Learners
Great Minds

Aashish Parekh
Aashish Parekh

Curriculum Developer, Wit & Wisdom Prologue Grades 2–3
Great Minds

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