Who has reviewed the curriculum?

Our Great Minds Wheatley Portfolio reflects the input of the many dozens of teachers who have reviewed the curriculum. In the fall of 2010 the portfolio was made available for public comment. During that period and since we’ve received hundreds of comments from teachers, superintendents, principals, curriculum directors, and many others who have taken the time to send along their reactions and suggestions and the curriculum has been enriched by their input. We were fortunate that the American Federation of Teachers was willing to convene the same panel of AFT teachers that reviewed the CCSS to review the first edition of our curriculum. The Milken Family Foundation provided us access to a dozen winners of the Milken Educator Award. These teachers, nationally recognized for excellence in the classroom, have provided considerable input and insight. We are also grateful to the National Alliance of Black School Educators for identifying superintendents, teachers, and content area specialists from across the country to review our curriculum as well.