Does Wit & Wisdom® teach Critical Race Theory?

The much-loved books in Wit & Wisdom do not teach critical race theory (CRT) and the program is in full compliance with all federal and state laws.

Wit & Wisdom is built on books that have been esteemed and cherished for years. They accurately describe events in American history and explore the American experience from different perspectives. We thoughtfully chose these books as well as how and when to introduce them, so that students are challenged appropriately by age and grade level, in terms of their reading skills as well as their emotional and intellectual readiness for certain topics.

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What resources can help me better understand the national conversation about Critical Race Theory?

Sawchuck, Stephen. “What Is Critical Race Theory and Why Is It Under Attack?” EducationWeek, 18 May 2021.

How does Great Minds respond to each state's anti-Critical Race Theory and Parental Rights Legislation?

Great Minds provides students and teachers with dynamic, award-winning texts and instructional materials that offer impartial information about the triumphs and tragedies of the progress of humans throughout history, including the American experience. To learn how Great Minds complies with the laws of the following states, please click the link below.