Wit & Wisdom ®, Geodes ®, and Explicit Phonics Instruction

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The Best Materials for Literacy Development Success May Not Always Come in One Box

The secret sauce to setting students up for success in reading and writing is finding the right “system” of instructional materials. The science of reading research is clear on the crucial role of systematic and explicit phonics instruction. Requiring educators to use a single solution for foundational skills and literacy instruction shortchanges students. But when you combine the high-quality, knowledge-building instructional materials from Wit & Wisdom® and Geodes® with a strong foundational phonics program, students are unstoppable.

High-Quality Instructional Materials + Explicit Phonics Programs =
Successful Readers, Writers, Speakers, and Listeners

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Readable Texts


Core ELA Instruction

When paired with Wit & Wisdom and Geodes, best-in-class phonics and foundational skills programs like Really Great Reading®, Fundations®, 95 Phonics Core Program®, UFLI Foundations, and SIPPS® provide students with an opportunity to acquire phonics and foundational skills while building knowledge of topics that include geography, history, science, and much more. With multiple opportunities for practice and application, students can confidently master their growing literacy skills. 

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Learn About Foundational Skills Programs Often Paired with Great Minds Instructional Materials

Great Minds has identified the following high-quality foundational skills programs that are strong companions to Wit & Wisdom and Geodes for students in grades K–2.