How does the Great Minds Wheatley Portfolio address the CCSS “Reading Foundations”?

Under the “Reading Foundations” sections for the K-2 curriculum (and embedded into the curriculum for grades 3-5) is a pacing guide for reading instruction. This guide is aligned with the CCSS reading “Foundational Skills.” The guide paces instruction in reading foundations logically across the grades. Concepts of print, phonological awareness, phonics, and text reading fluency are all addressed and woven into a developmental progression that leads to word recognition and text reading. Accomplishment of these milestones can be achieved with daily practice and brief activities that would require thirty to forty minutes of instructional time per day. A sample of those activities is also provided. Explicit, sequential, and cumulative teaching of these skills in no way should detract from, substitute for, or prevent the teaching of the oral language, comprehension, and literature-focused instruction, also described in the units.