How are texts selected?

We take great care in selecting texts for inclusion in our Wit & Wisdom curriculum. We consider content, craft, and complexity in our text selection. 

  1. We look for texts that are rich in knowledge. We want students to learn about the world by reading texts that share essential scientific, historical, or literary content. These texts are also rich in content-area and academic vocabulary. When students master this vocabulary, they build knowledge that applies to their study of additional subjects and supports their comprehension of increasingly more complex texts.
  2. Second, we look for texts that are well-crafted. Our texts often include rich illustrations and text features that enhance the written content. Our featured authors use language that is rich and imaginative, which inspires students and serves as a model for their own speaking and writing. 
  3. Third, we look for texts that are complex and rigorous. We want students to read grade-level texts for the vast majority of their instructional time, so our texts are appropriately challenging.