Has Alexandria Plan Been Piloted?

Yes. Teachers from rural, urban, charter and private schools across the country piloted a selection of the materials and shared their experience. Just fewer than 100 teachers participated, including new teachers, National Board Certified teachers, and veterans who have been recognized by their districts for excellent teaching. Their generous feedback helped us to improve these materials, and to more clearly explain how to use the features of Alexandria Plan. Rather than speak for them, here are two testimonials from piloters:

“The map made it very easy for the teacher by giving information about the book as well as historical information. The direction of the lesson was centered around the character of Christopher Columbus and the vocabulary used to describe him—brave, studious, curious, patient, dreamer. The students described Columbus and were able to defend their answers. I never really thought about the character of Columbus and all that he went through to make his dreams come true. He was a true leader. Our school is a "Leader in Me" school and this lesson illustrated several of the habits (character traits) we want our students to exhibit.”

—Trudy Phelps, Kindergarten Teacher, Dolby Elementary School (LA)

“The text was the core of the social studies lesson. I worked from the text out. In most social studies lessons you start from the outside and move in. Students related to the characters and seemed to feel they were there. They simply had a better understanding of the history behind the text. The text, with a well-balanced set of questions, made the experience easier as they developed an understanding of the history.”

—Jayne Brown, Kindergarten Teacher, Avery’s Creek Elementary School (NC)