Does Alexandria Plan require me to adopt a particular method of instruction?

No.  The way a teacher chooses to prepare students to approach the study of a text depends on their teaching style and the needs of their students.  The teacher may choose to have students read short sections of text with a few assigned questions, preparing students to participate fully in discussion. The teacher may also choose to have students work in pairs or small groups to read and to discuss questions orally--preparing to pull their ideas together for a rich whole class seminar or discussion.  Another teacher may want to allow students to first grapple with the text independently. During their first read, students might circle passages where they are confused and/or underline points that they thought were important. Students might annotate the passage with questions and notes. As the teacher circulates during independent reading block, he or she could note how the students’ questions gather throughout the passage. The teacher could then use the TDQs to clarify misunderstandings as needed and to dive deeper into the text than students were able to independently.  We offer these questions for teachers to use as they see fit.