Can I comment on the Wheatley Portfolio? Will the curriculum be revised in the future?

Wheatley Portfolio is based on the CCSS. The CCSS dictated both the goals and contours of our curriculum. In addition to the CCSS, we have consulted a wide range of model curricula and other content materials, including the International Baccalaureate course outlines, curriculum maps and scoring rubrics used by the Brooklyn Latin School, and the Massachusetts English Language Arts Curriculum Frameworks. We have tried to incorporate the best aspects of these successful programs and materials into our curriculum, such as a focus on a sequence of specific content, the inclusion of both oral and written expressions of student proficiency, and attention to the detailed aspects of genres, subgenres, and characteristics of various kinds of literary and informational texts. Whenever possible, we have suggested ways to integrate digital learning tools and resources to enhance both teaching and learning.