Great Minds Affirm

A digital assessment tool for math and ELA

Affirm® helps Eureka Math® and Wit & Wisdom® educators better meet the needs of their students, with instant scoring and reporting to help track student progress over time. The tool also provides students with extra practice and preparation for standardized assessments.

Product Overview

Eureka Math

  • Affirm has more than 450 assessments for Grade 1 through Precalculus.
  • Topic quizzes, Mid-Module, and End-of-Module Assessments are fully aligned with the Eureka Math assessments. Assessments are different from those in the print edition of the curriculum.
  • Items cover Depth of Knowledge levels 1–3.
  • 80 percent of items are auto scored.
  • Teachers can customize existing assessments and build new ones by using the Eureka Math Item Bank.

Wit & Wisdom

  • Affirm has more than 250 assessments for Grades 2 through 8.
  • Multiple choice item sets are based on texts and content from Wit & Wisdom modules. Assessments are also available in PDF at
  • 100 percent of items are auto scored. Affirm instantly generates reports for all assessments at the item, student, and class levels.

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