Assess Readiness and Address Unfinished Learning with Eureka Math2 Equip



Diagnostic Assessment Tools, Reports, and Instructional Support

Empowering all students to successfully engage with grade-level math can be a challenge, as all learners come into your classrooms with unique backgrounds and learning needs. To help gain visibility into where your students are and where they need to go, we have included a powerful diagnostic assessment system known as Eureka Math2 Equip™. 


Consult the User Guide to begin thinking about upcoming instruction before giving the appropriate Pre-Module Assessment. Look at the Pre-Module Assessment and read the item overviews to get a sense of which concepts and skills should be familiar to students. 


Students take the appropriate Pre-Module Assessment 1-2 weeks before beginning the module, which helps teachers identify gaps in foundational knowledge.


Using the Pre-Module Assessment results, teachers use the list of essential foundational knowledge for the module to start planning their instruction. Eureka Math2 Equip will provide a range of supporting activities, a list of places in the upcoming modules where Eureka Math2® already provides lesson-embedded practice with foundational knowledge, and the Achievement Descriptors to utilize previous grade level resources. 


Informed by assessment results and driven by precise planning, teachers can flexibly use supporting activities, lesson-embedded practice, and previous grade-level materials to differentiate instruction, fill gaps and prepare students for grade-level learning. 


By using assessment data, problem practice, and planned instruction, teachers can identify any knowledge gaps that could interfere with student success and provide just-in-time instruction to address those gaps.

    Assess for Readiness


    Pre-Module Assessments are available in both print and digital form. When administered and scored digitally, branch logic is used to create a custom experience for each student, which helps pinpoint conceptual gaps and misunderstandings.


    Data & Reporting


    Assessment reporting provides data for individual students and at a class level. Educators can use this data to identify students with similar needs and group them accordingly.


    Acceleration Plan
    of Action


    Teachers can seamlessly fit the platform’s targeted supporting activities into regular class time so pacing stays on track. These supporting activities target specific, essential foundational knowledge and are suggested for students who need it. Teachers proactively remove barriers to learning by providing these short bursts of just-in-time instruction when they are most applicable to grade-level content. 

    Measure Success Against Achievement Descriptors


    Achievement Descriptors help educators focus on the essential learning students need for success in a current module. In this Grade Level 5 example, Eureka Math2 Equip identifies Achievement Descriptors from previous grades (Grade Level 3 and 4) and then pinpoints where students will need to access that prior knowledge. This ensures that students have the foundational knowledge they need to engage with grade-level content so educators can address vital unfinished learning—without adding instructional days.

    Learn more about Eureka Math2 Equip

    Learn more about Eureka Math2 Equip