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The Great Minds Difference

Founded by a group of education advocates in 2007 seeking to provide a more content-rich, comprehensive education for all children, Great Minds® focuses on helping students build knowledge—not just skills. We believe in building deep, lasting understanding rather than just rote memorization, and that every child has unlimited potential and is capable of greatness.

Highly rated by independent reviewers such as EdReports.org and Louisiana Believes, our high-quality curricula for mathematics, English language arts, and science make knowledge accessible to all students.

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Exponentially Greater

“The sequence and connection of lessons in Eureka Math2 were fantastic. There were so many ‘aha!’ moments for students. I loved the collaboration and discussion.”
—Christine Corrigan, Teacher, Gloucester Township Public Schools, New Jersey

Eureka Math² is a revolutionary math program designed to ensure that students move beyond rote memorization to build enduring math knowledge through the intentional integration of digital resources and a focused approach to encouraging student discourse. It takes everything you love about Eureka Math—consistent math models, rigor to support the productive struggle, and coherence across lessons, modules, and grades—and adds a new level of flexibility and accessibility as well as visibility into student understanding to make math instruction exponentially more teachable and engaging.

Eureka Math² helps students establish a foundational understanding of mathematics (the why) rather than only relying on procedural skills (the how), to better prepare them for college and career. Teachers will see students strengthening reasoning and critical-thinking skills that students can apply to solve real-world problems and that can be applied to many real-world situations.

Request the review kit to access the following resources

  • The Teach book (Teacher Edition)

  • The Learn book which includes lesson work, Problem Sets, and Exit Tickets.

  • The Apply book which gives grades 1–5 students more practice at home with the concepts learned in class and includes guidance for families to support their student’s learning.

  • An opportunity to access Great Minds Digital where you'll find the digital components of Eureka Math2 including presentation slides, our powerful Eureka Math2 Equip assessment tool, and other exciting online features that spark student discourse as well as those special aha moments that keep learners engaged and excited about math.

Eureka Math2 Review Kit

Eureka Math2 Review Kit

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“I feel like this curriculum helps to put the joy back in teaching science because you allow students to do science.”
—Tiffany Scott, Teacher, St. Charles Parish Public Schools, Louisiana

PhD Science® was designed to integrate three-dimensional teaching and learning into every lesson. It focuses on depth not breadth across science topics, promoting evidence-based learning that builds on itself through a coherent storyline as students develop long-term knowledge and understanding.

By examining real-world phenomena, students discover how the world around them works as they build knowledge and scientific literacy. Through meaningful, authentic connections and rich, hands-on learning, students dig deep into science concepts as they develop a questioning spirit, investigative prowess, leadership, and communication abilities that serve them for a lifetime.

Request the review kit to access the following resources

  • Curriculum Review Guide
    Evidence and examples of PhD Science alignment with TIME and IMET review criteria 

  • Digital Teacher Edition
    A digital preview of the curriculum with all the content from the print Teacher Edition 

  • PhD Projected
    Supporting instructional slides for each module 

  • Teacher Resource Pack
    Implementation guide, supports, materials lists, and more
  • The Art of PhD Science 
    Explains how the curriculum uses art as a window into the anchor phenomenon

  • Module Map with Scope and Sequence 
    Summary of the science topics covered, the anchor phenomenon used to explore those topics, standards correlations, and more
  • Family Resources
    Family Tip Sheets available in English and Spanish

PhD Science Review Kit

PhD Science Review Kit


a questioning

“The biggest differentiator with Wit & Wisdom is the quality of the texts. The kids are so engaged, they can’t wait to get back to the books.”
—Jen Arellano, Teacher, Bonsall Unified School District, California

Instead of reading basals or practicing skills in isolation, Wit & Wisdom® students read authentic, complex texts while practicing reading, writing, speaking and listening, and vocabulary together to build knowledge of the world around them.

Wit & Wisdom underscores the importance of a combined approach to literacy, where foundational skills, rich knowledge, and critical ELA skills work cohesively together. When paired with an explicit foundational skills program, the careful sequence of literacy skills in Wit & Wisdom leads students to mastery as they build their knowledge in key content areas such as science, history, the arts, math, and more.

They apply their new knowledge and skills by engaging in lively discourse, writing detailed responses rich in evidence, and honing their critical-thinking skills to ultimately become successful readers, exceptional writers, and effective communicators.

Request the review kit to access the following resources

  • Curriculum Review Guide
    Evidence and examples of Wit & Wisdom’s coherence, rigor, and effectiveness 

  • Your State Standards Alignment Study
    How Wit & Wisdom aligns with your state ELA standards  

  • Digital Teacher Edition
    Instructional materials for each grade organized by module 
  • Teacher Resource Pack
    Implementation guide, user guide, Family Tip Sheets, and more

  • The Art of Wit & Wisdom 
    Classroom presentations, visual art lessons, and more resources to cultivate literacy skills 

  • Family Resources
    Family Tip Sheets and additional family resources available in English and Spanish 

Wit & Wisdom Review Kit

Wit & Wisdom Review Kit


Reading to Learn
While Learning
to Read

“Teachers will be amazed at what their students can do—learning words, understanding concepts, making connections. We’ve learned that if we set the bar high, they’ll grow to it.”
—Katie Ellis, Title 1 Reading Specialist, Buncombe County Schools, North Carolina

Geodes® information-rich texts are founded on the belief that emerging and developing readers deserve captivating, accessible books that help them read to learn while they learn to read. Crafted as Readables, these beautifully illustrated texts couple decoding strategies with content and vocabulary knowledge. This provides students with ample opportunities to practice their growing phonics and decoding skills as they build knowledge across important topics in history, science, the arts, and more.

Geodes books combine carefully selected language with highly engaging content. Each text gradually incorporates phonetic concepts and sight words, allowing Geodes to seamlessly pair with any explicit phonics and foundational skills program, including Fundations® from Wilson Language Training®, Really Great Reading®, 95 Phonics Core Program™, UFLI Foundations, SIPPS®, Heggerty Phonemic Awareness, and more.

Level K includes 384 books with 12 color copies of Module 1 and 2 titles and 6 color copies of Module 3 and 4 titles. The collection includes Wordless Picture Books, Sound Search Books, and Duet Books.

Levels 1 and 2 each include 384 books with 6 color copies of each title.

Each classroom kit includes Inside Geodes®, a teacher resource, for additional guidance on incorporating Geodes into literacy instruction. Students can also continue to practice reading at home with My Geodes® in print and digital formats.

Geodes Books

Geodes Review Kit

Geodes Review Kit


Request a Digital Review Kit

Request a Digital Review Kit

Request a Digital Review Kit

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