April 22, 2018
Your Guide to Surviving Your First Twitter Chat

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Three Tips for Twitter Chat Success

Educational Twitter chats are a great opportunity to grow your professional network from the comfort of your own home. There are dozens of educational chats taking place every day on Twitter. When you find the right one for your schedule, with a topic you're passionate about, will you be ready to jump right in?

Here are three quick tips to guarantee success with your first Twitter chat.

  • Tip 1: Keep it in the thread.

Don’t let your response get lost in the World Wide Web. Hit that comment button to verify your tweet is part of the chat.

  • Tip 2: Identify which question you’re addressing.

Over the course of one Twitter chat, there are at least six different questions. It’s up to you to label which question you’re replying to. Label your response by starting off your tweet with “A1." Not the steak sauce, but short for "answer" and the question number you are addressing. For example, if you were responding to Question 4, you would begin your tweet, “A4” or "Q4."

Here's an example:


Tip 3: Include the hashtag.

Each Twitter chat has a specific (#)hashtag to help users follow along. You can add the hashtag anywhere in the tweet—just don’t forget the pound sign!

Ready to put your new Twitter chat skills to the test? We hope to see you at the next Wit & Wisdom Twitter chat! 

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