The Wit & Wisdom curriculum demonstrates an intuitive approach to the cognitive science of how we learn. Through the activation of a peer, knowledge-building community, educators teach and grow their students. Our professional learning sessions draw on the human capacity for understanding to re-engage the learner in all of us. 

Join educators from around the country for an open enrollment virtual PD session. Sessions are led by two Great Minds facilitators and are designed for 20 to 35 individual participants. View the schedule and sign up for a session. 

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Private Virtual PD

Come together with educators from your school or district for a private Wit & Wisdom PD session. Great Minds®️ facilitators will work with up to 35 participants with the ability to join from their respective remote locations.

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Virtual Coaching for Administrators

Sign up for virtual coaching to support your effective implementation of the Wit & Wisdom curriculum. Sessions build up your capacity to empower teachers to make informed decisions regarding instruction. 

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  1. Launch Wit & Wisdom
  2. Lead Wit & Wisdom (for administrators)  
  3. Module and Lesson Study  
  4. Writing in Wit & Wisdom  
  5. Focus on Fluency  
  6. Testing and Wit & Wisdom  
  7. Getting Started with Geodes, Level 1 and 2 

A selection of award-winning picture books including Owl Moon, The Keeping Quilt, and Moon Rope.
Student has an Aha! moment as he discusses geometric art with his classmates.

  1. Guided Observations for Leaders
  2. Wit & Wisdom Custom Strategic Planning  
  3. Understanding Wit & Wisdom’s Design – Knowledge Building  
  4. Understanding Wit & Wisdom’s Design – Complex Texts  
  5. Understanding Wit & Wisdom’s Design – Writing  
  6. Learn Anywhere with Wit & Wisdom in Sync  
  7. Strengths-based Site Visit (in person only) 

Sessions Overview

Professional Development and Coaching

Launch Wit & Wisdom

The first in the Wit & Wisdom professional development sequence, Launch Wit & Wisdom introduces new adopters to the research foundation, learning design, approach to knowledge building and complex texts, and module and lesson components. The session is split into two parts allowing for scheduling flexibility.

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Lead Wit & Wisdom

This session builds leaders’ understanding of the what and why of Wit & Wisdom and guides leaders to plan and prepare for successful implementation. The session is split into two parts allowing for scheduling flexibility.

Module & Lesson Study

Module and Lesson Study takes participants deep into the curriculum’s structure and offers practical planning tools and strategies. The session is split into two parts allowing for scheduling flexibility.

Writing in Wit & Wisdom

This session dives into Wit & Wisdom’s text-based approach to teaching informative, opinion/ argument, and narrative writing. The session is split into two parts allowing for scheduling flexibility.

Focus on Fluency

Focus on Fluency deepens educators’ understanding of fluency, its impact on student literacy, and how best to teach it.

Testing and Wit & Wisdom

Testing and Wit & Wisdom deepens educators’ understanding of the demands of statewide English language arts (ELA) assessments, research on effective approaches to test preparation, and how Wit & Wisdom prepares students for statewide ELA assessments.

Getting Started with Geodes, Levels 1 and 2

This session is an introduction to Geodes’ research base and accessible, knowledge-building approach. It supports implementation with resources and a flexible framework for planning Geodes instruction.

Custom Strategic Planning

Custom Strategic Planning is a flexible coaching offering tailored to leaders’ needs. Topics include helping create continuous learning plans, providing model lessons, and more.

Guided Observations for Leaders

This session builds leaders’ understanding of what successful implementation looks like, how to identify and build on strengths, and how to guide teachers toward improving their knowledge and practice through coaching, PLC work, etc.

Understanding Wit & Wisdom’s Design – Knowledge Building

Understanding Wit & Wisdom’s Design – Knowledge Building is designed for leaders and coaches and deepens educators’ understanding of Wit & Wisdom’s approach to knowledge-building, its impact on students’ literacy development, and the implications for instruction.

Understanding Wit & Wisdom’s Design – Complex Texts

Understanding Wit & Wisdom’s Design – Complex Texts delves into what complex texts are, why they are essential to strong literacy development, and the process that Wit & Wisdom uses to teach students to closely read complex texts.

Understanding Wit & Wisdom’s Design – Writing

Understanding Wit & Wisdom’s Design – Writing examines the elements of effective writing and deepens educators’ understanding of Wit & Wisdom’s approach to writing instruction to foster effective writing.

Learn Anywhere with Wit & Wisdom In Sync

This session supports continuous learning using the Learn Anywhere Plan and how to toggle between in-person (full Wit & Wisdom) and virtual instruction (Wit & Wisdom in Sync).

Strengths-based Site Visit (in person only)

This in-person session empowers educators to identify strengths in implementation and to develop implementation strategies.


Whether you're ready to register for a session or you're still making a plan for professional development, connect with us! Together, we’ll make the best plan for your implementation timeline and local goals.  

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