Celebrate The Circle On 3/14 With Eureka Math²

Pi day is celebrated on March 14, or 3/14, which recalls the common numerical approximation of pi, 3.14. The day was established to celebrate the mystery, intrigue, and history of the famous constant, π.

The Eureka Math2® team wants to ensure that all students experience the beauty of mathon March 14 and every day We’d like to share some resources that highlight the beauty of math as well as the exceptional coherence, accessibility, and engagement you'll find in Eureka Math2.

Pie chart comparing the math symbol

Do you want to explore these lessons in greater depth? Sample a piece of our π yourself by reviewing Eureka Math2 today.

You can access all of the lessons below, and much more, by using the demo login credentials you received via email to sign in to the Great Minds® Digital Platform. If you need guidance on navigating the Great Minds Digital Platform, we encourage you to explore the “Implementation Resources” by clicking the “i” in the right-hand corner of your screen. You'll also find additional resources including Implementation Guides, Curriculum Maps, and more. 


Highlighting the Story of Pi

Math Past

Each module in Eureka Math2 features a connection to mathematical history known as Math Past. Each Math Past allows students to contemplate the mathematical reasoning used by these ancient mathematicians and to make connections to the math they are doing in their own classroom. 
You can see how Eureka Math2 celebrates pi in this Math Past example from Grade Level 7 Module 4, as students trace the history of pi and its increasingly accurate approximations, from the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians to Archimedes himself.

Building Foundational Knowledge

Grade Level 1 Module 6 Lesson 13

In Grade Level 1 Module 6, students explore the concept of equal shares with pizza. Students discuss how each share of the pizza would get larger or smaller, depending on the number of people they are sharing the pizza with. 

The familiar visual representation of a pizza helps students build enduring understanding by making connections to their own experiences.

L3M6L13_permieter_Pi Day

Developing Understanding

Grade Level 3 Module 6 Lesson 13

In Grade Level 3 Module 6, students explore perimeter as they outline various shapes with string. They then find the perimeters of these shapes by measuring the string used to outline the shapes. 
This lesson demonstrates the use of hands-on learning and manipulatives to support students as they develop the skills to represent mathematical concepts in more abstract ways.

Advancing Concepts of Circles

Grade Level 7 Module 4 Lessons 15

In Grade Level 7 Module 4, students explore the definition of pi. In Lesson 10 they physically measure objects to discover the constant themselves. Then in Lesson 15, students design and test a sprinkler system that uses circular, semi-circular, and quarter-circular regions—a challenge that improves their understanding of the area of a circle.  
This video showcases an example of the student experience during this engaging digital lesson.


Going Further with Pi

Grade Level 8 Module 1 Lesson 21

In Grade Level 8 Module 1, students apply what they’ve discovered about irrational numbers and the square root of nonperfect squares to approximate the value of π2. Students build on their prior knowledge of pi and area of two-dimensional figures, all while employing approximation methods that mathematicians have used for centuries.