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Accepting Applications for Eureka PD Fellows

Work and train in collaboration with the Eureka PD team to support the local implementation of Eureka Math and assist Eureka users around the country. This one-year fellowship allows you to work via a job-sharing arrangement for your local district and Great Minds.

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Eureka Math is America's #1 Math Curriculum

Eureka Math, only three years old, is now the most widely used math curriculum in the United States, according to a new study released by the RAND Corporation.

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Wit & Wisdom Gets Highest Marks From EdReports.org

With near-perfect scores awarded to Wit & Wisdom, Great Minds emerges as the only organization with exemplary reviews for both ELA and math curricula.

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Eureka Success in Bethel School District

Hear from the teachers, principals and administrators at Bethel School District (WA) who were key to the decision making and successful implementation of Eureka. 

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