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Colorado Students Exceed Expectations with Wit & Wisdom

When a Denver-area teacher raised the bar and introduced his students to meaningful, coherent learning, they began to excel beyond his expectations. They are thriving—students and teacher alike.

Eureka Math, the Top Pick of Teachers Nationwide

Eureka Math is now the most widely used math curriculum in the United States, according to a study released by the RAND Corporation.

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Great Minds emerges as the only organization with exemplary reviews for both ELA and math curricula.

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It Just Clicked, for Ohio's Mad River

"They are able to produce writing that I have never seen." - Amanda, 5th Grade Teacher at Mad River Schools in Ohio

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Increased Student Confidence

“Eureka has proven to be a reliable, valid resource that will increase not only math proficiency but, more important, a student’s confidence in math.”

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Q&A with a Fellow

“Major textbook publishers are so disconnected from the actual work in classrooms. Eureka is so committed to its teacher-writers, which is so admirable."

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Making Connections

"Seeing them take ownership of their learning, and learning some really cool things, has been really exciting for me." - Stephanie, 3rd Grade Teacher at Mad River Schools in Ohio

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Enthusiasm for Math

Our students can now solve unbelievably complex problems..." - Kelly Boynton, Executive Director for Elementary Education, Bethel Public Schools, WA

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Philadelphia School Sees Spike in Reading

"This is what I would create if I had the time in my day to sit down and write beautiful literacy lessons, based on actual books."

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Charter Students Exceed Goal with Wit & Wisdom

“This shift in curriculum is really making writing a priority. Teachers aren’t watering down the tasks for students.”

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