How Do You Build Knowledge?

Teach Phenomenon-Driven Storylines

Building Knowledge by Teaching Phenomenon-Driven Storylines

Come along as we study trait variations in humpback whales to discover what makes an individual humpback whale unique. As we examine a PhD Science® module storyline, participants build knowledge to make sense of our authentic, compelling, and multilayered web of phenomena.

Participants will

  • explore how rich, multilayered scientific phenomena enrich instruction,
  • examine how a phenomenon-driven storyline allows students to build knowledge and reflect on their learning, generate new questions, and investigate related topics,
  • consider how coherence extends across PhD Science modules and levels as well as content areas, and
  • reflect on how students deepen their understanding of fundamental science concepts as they apply their understanding to make sense of new phenomena.



This session is the first in our four-part Diving in to a Phenomenal Learning Experience For Elementary Science Students webinar series. Click the links below to view the other sessions in the series.

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Rolanda Clark
Rolanda Clark

Implementation Support Specialist, Science
Great Minds

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