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Free Phenomenon-Based K–2 Science Open Educational Resource

PhD Science®—A Coherent Curriculum for Building Enduring Knowledge
Webinar | Free K-2 Phenomenon-based Science

Looking for a way to foster your young students’ curiosity? PhD Science has you covered: We offer our K–2 curriculum as an open educational resource (OER). Too often, science instruction in the earliest grades consists of disparate activities rather than the comprehensive, coherent instruction students need to build a strong foundation for future science literacy. At Great Minds®, we believe that students deserve coherent, knowledge-building instructional materials as soon as they begin elementary school.

In this webinar, attendees examined the curriculum’s embedded support strategies, which ensure that all students have equitable access to rigorous study of scientific phenomena and can make sense of those phenomena.


  • discovered how robust and engaging PhD Science is as they explore authentic phenomena and discuss hands-on investigations,
  • reviewed the learning design and pedagogy behind PhD Science,
  • examined a storyline from PhD Science, and
  • explored the curriculum’s resources to see how they create a rich learning experience for students.



Naz Yaqubie
Naz Yaqubie

Implementation Support Specialist, Science
Great Minds

Robert Ingram
Robert Ingram

Implementation Support Associate, Science
Great Minds

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