Reading to Learn While Learning to Read

What's Next in Early Literacy Instruction?

Learning to Read and Reading to Learn: Early Literacy

Most educators would agree that early literacy is key to student achievement. As teachers, we all try to ensure that our students read proficiently, build knowledge on important topics that engage and inspire, and develop a lifetime love of reading.

But what is the most effective way to support emerging and developing readers? How can we teach the foundational skills of early reading while building students’ confidence and setting early readers up for success in English language arts and beyond? 

Find out in the online version of this free Great Minds® webinar. Plus, be among the first to learn about Geodes®—a unique type of text for early and emerging readers. 


Carey Swanson

Senior Literacy Specialist, Advisory Support, Student Achievement Partners

Carey Swanson is a senior literacy specialist on the Advisory Support team at Student Achievement Partners. Before coming to Student Achievement Partners, Swanson worked as an educational consultant, supporting leader and teacher coaching, professional development, and curricular implementation. Before that, Swanson was a school leader at a charter school network in Brooklyn. She has experience supporting Kindergarten through Grade 8 students as a teacher and school leader. Swanson holds a bachelor’s degree in film from Northwestern University, a master’s degree in teaching from Pace University, and a master’s of education degree in school building leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University

Lorraine Griffith

Content Architect, Humanities, Great Minds

Lorraine Griffith is a content architect for Wit & Wisdom®, the innovative new English language arts curriculum from the nonprofit Great Minds based in Washington, DC. Before joining Great Minds, she worked in one rural Title One public school for almost 30 years as a substitute teacher, teacher assistant, and finally a classroom teacher in Kindergarten and Grades 4 and 5. She spent her last few years in reading remediation. During her teaching years, Griffith consulted for an educational publisher, taught as an adjunct in a university education program, and cowrote 13 fluency-related books with Timothy Rasinski.


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