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Beyond Reading Foundations

Nurturing Joyful Readers

Beyond Reading Foundations: Nurturing Joyful Readers

Reading is a complex process—but teaching reading comprehension doesn’t have to be. Educators across the country are engaged in conversation about the science of reading—reviewing the evidence that supports it and discussing its implications for teaching and learning. At Great Minds®, the conversations we’ve had on these topics with experts and practitioners have confirmed that the science of reading is critical for educators across all grade levels—not just K–2 educators focused on reading foundations.


In this session, Lorraine Griffith, content architect for Humanities at Great Minds, and panelists Mandy Polen, a Grades K–4 instructional coach at Mad River Local Schools, OH and a Great Minds PD implementation specialist, and Jeniqua Moran, a Great Minds implementation leader, explored

  • what the recent research says about the development of language comprehension over time, what it means for your students, and why it matters,
  • what we know now about the science of reading and practical implications for educators of students at all grades, and
  • what it means to help students across grade levels develop strong comprehension skills and a true love of reading.



Lorraine Griffith CroppedLorraine Griffith is a senior content architect for Wit & Wisdom at Great Minds. In one rural Title One public school for almost 30 years, she began as a substitute teacher, teacher assistant, and finally classroom teacher in grades K, 4, and 5. She spent her last few years in reading remediation. During her teaching years, she worked as a consultant for the early days of Core Knowledge and worked with Tim Rasinski to create knowledge-building resources for developing reading fluency.


Jeniqua MoranJeniqua Moran is an Implementation leader with Great Minds. Prior to joining Great Minds, Jeniqua spent 13 years as an elementary general and special educator as well as a literacy coach in Baltimore City Public Schools. Jeniqua is particularly passionate about foundational literacy skills instruction and serves as aNational LETRS Facilitator. Jeniqua received her bachelor’s degree in history from Morgan State University and her master’s degree in special education from Notre Dame of MD University.


Mandy Polen-1Mandy Polen has worked for Mad River Local Schools in Riverside, Ohio for 22 years, where she has worked as a 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classroom teacher and an instructional coach. She has worked for Great Minds as a Wit & Wisdom® PD Implementation Support Specialist for the past 3 summers. Mandy was a Knowledge on the Go 1st Grade Teacher and team member and was a part of the Geodes First User Forum.



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