Free Webinar for Educators

Addressing Unfinished Instruction

Supporting All Students with Complex Texts

Webinar | Addressing Unfinished Instruction

Access our free webinar exploring how educators can support every student with engaging in rigorous, grade-level work anchored in complex texts. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of why complex texts are critical to closing opportunity gaps and addressing unfinished instruction. They also identified strategies to support students with accessing and engaging in the study of complex texts.

In this session, Ashley Cook, director of implementation services at Great Minds®, joined Seth Benjamin, a Grade 6 teacher at Skaneateles Central School District in New York, and Rodrick Johnson, a Grade 1 teacher at Baltimore City Public Schools in Maryland, to discuss their experiences supporting all students with accessing and enjoying complex texts.

The webinar speakers shared how their use of complex texts has changed since adopting Wit & Wisdom®, how their students read, respond, and build stronger vocabularies through complex texts, and how other teachers—especially those new to Wit & Wisdom and complex texts—can benefit from the supports built into the curriculum.




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