Great Minds®, creator of Eureka Math® and Wit & Wisdom®, is proud to introduce an exemplary new elementary science program: PhD Science®. Based on the new science standards and created by our team of teacher–writers and experts, this innovative curriculum inspires students to wonder about the world and empowers them to make sense of it.


Rather than simply memorizing—and quickly forgetting—definitions, PhD Science students acquire deep and lasting comprehension of scientific concepts through hands-on activities and evidence-based learning. PhD Science utilizes an ABC > CBT approach (Activity Before Concept > Concept Before Terminology). This means students engage in activities to develop a basic understanding before a concept is presented and investigate the concept more until formal names or terminology is introduced.


With PhD Science, students learn to think and act like real scientists by conducting investigations in which they collect and analyze data and evidence. Every module includes hands-on investigations and a Science or Engineering Challenge to give students an opportunity to collaborate with peers, practice problem-solving, and build and connect content knowledge. Materials kits with cost-conscious consumable and non-consumable supplies are available by module or level. Kits are designed for six investigation groups per classroom.