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New York City Schools Community District 19 to Use Great Minds® Curricula

Chad Colby

by Chad Colby

July 18, 2019
New York City Schools Community District 19 to Use Great Minds® Curricula

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Thursday, July 18, 2019—Starting this fall, New York City Schools Community District 19 in Brooklyn will use Eureka Math® and Wit & Wisdom®, an English language arts curriculum, from Great Minds® for its Kindergarten through Grade 8 students in 34 schools.

“We are committed to ensuring that all scholars in District 19 have access to standards-driven, rigorous curriculum and instruction that will position them for success,” said Dr. Thomas McBryde Jr., District 19 community superintendent and Prekindergarten through Grade 8 superintendent. “Adopting the universal curricula of Eureka Math and Wit & Wisdom facilitates the sharing of best practices and resources, creates a common language, and sets clear, high expectations for achievement.”

“With Eureka Math and Wit & Wisdom, District 19 schools will get instructional materials and resources that respect the craft of teaching and set high expectations for all students,” said Lynne Munson, founder and CEO of Great Minds. “Eureka Math teaches math as a body of knowledge, not just a set of skills. Wit & Wisdom is packed with content and fine art to build literacy and knowledge. Like their peers around the country, District 19 students and teachers will thrive using the curricula.”

The district is providing in-depth professional development to enable teachers to use the curricula with skill from the start.

“We are excited to have our scholars engage in learning that supports building strong foundational skills, developing deep critical and analytical skills, and fostering collaboration and communication skills that will ensure they will be able to go ‘All the Way Up!’,” McBryde said, referring to the district motto.

Schools and districts around the nation are experiencing strong success with Eureka Math and Wit & Wisdom. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on “drastic” student achievement gains at a small Queens elementary school using Eureka Math. Read highlights here. Great Minds data stories and Eureka Math and Wit & Wisdom case studies provide more information about academic improvement under these curricula at schools nationwide.


About Great Minds: Great Minds provides the highest quality curricula to schools and districts nationwide, inspiring joy in teaching and learning. Eureka Math and Wit & Wisdom both earned top scores from independent nonprofit reviewer Great Minds is the only curriculum creator to have earned three Tier 1 ratings, the highest possible, from the Louisiana Department of Education, highly respected for its curricular leadership. Curricula earning the Tier 1 ratings were Wit & Wisdom, Eureka Math, and PhD Science™. A 2016 RAND Corporation report found Eureka Math and its original version, EngageNY Math, to be the most widely used elementary school math curricula in the nation. Geodes®, a library of beautifully illustrated, content-rich books with phonics practice for emerging readers, is the latest Great Minds offering to delight teachers and students. Learn more at


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