A group of education leaders founded Great Minds®️ in 2007 to advocate for a more content-rich, comprehensive education for all children. In pursuit of that mission, Great Minds brings together teachers and scholars to create exemplary instructional materials that provide joyful rigor to learning, spark and reward curiosity, and impart knowledge with equal parts delight.

"We will always believe in the importance of setting high expectations for ourselves, for our peers in the classroom, and for all students—all students. Everything we craft will always assume that greatness is the goal. We will always believe in teachers and in the central, irreplaceable role they play in the classroom. Empowering teachers will always be our goal.”


Lynne Munson


10 years


Our Mission

At Great Minds we want to make the world a more knowledge-rich place. We know every child is capable of greatness. We are here to improve Pre-K through grade 12 education by supporting teachers with best-in-class curriculum materials and implementation products and services in math, English, science, history and other subjects. Best-in-class curriculum is knowledge-driven, coherent, uses research-based instructional methods that are proven to work for all learners, including but not limited to striving readers, students with dyslexia and English language learners.

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