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Great Minds PBC is a public benefit corporation and a subsidiary of Great Minds, a nonprofit organization. A group of education leaders founded Great Minds® in 2007 to advocate for a more content-rich, comprehensive education for all children. In pursuit of that mission, Great Minds brings together teachers and scholars to create exemplary instructional materials that provide joyful rigor to learning, spark and reward curiosity, and impart knowledge with equal parts delight.

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What Are Schemas, and How Can They Help Your Students Learn?

From Read-Draw-Write (RDW) to Modeling–How Students Experience Problem Solving in Eureka Math²

Coherence is a key feature of the Eureka Math2® curriculum. The problem-solving process employed in Grade Levels K–9 is a major part of that...

Integrating Science and Literacy: Insights from Educators and Strategies for Success

It’s not enough for scientists to understand science concepts. They must also be able to record their observations, communicate their ideas, debate...

Aha Moments in the Teaching with a Focus on Urgency Coaching Series

This fall, Great Minds® is expanding the Wit & Wisdom® Coaching Series with a new offering: Teaching with a Focus on Urgency. In this post,...

Instructional Routines that Support Student Discourse

Each Great Minds® curriculum has instructional routines that nurture engagement, while making students’ thinking and learning visible. Our...

Response to Intervention with Eureka Math²

Response to Intervention (RTI), also referred to as a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), is a framework that describes both core and additional...

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