Resources for Integrating Art into the English Language Arts Classroom

In a world increasingly dependent on visual media, it is essential to teach students visual literacy. By integrating art into ELA instruction, you can provide access points for students on all levels to build strong literary skills. 

Use the following resources to engage your students in a careful analysis of visual art. 


  • The Art of Wit & Wisdom (Slide Show)—Share and study the works of art in this slide show to build students’ knowledge and appreciation of artistic elements, genres, styles, and media. These works represent a variety of culturally significant artists, artistic movements, and historical contexts. 

  • Wit & Wisdom Visual Art Lessons—Guide students to apply the habits of mind they develop as readers to the analysis of visual art by using the five Content Stages to structure their inquiry. These lessons provide opportunities for all learners, regardless of abilities, to access themes and ideas expressed through visual art.

  • Wit & Wisdom Visual Art Glossary—Establish domain-specific vocabulary for naming, describing, and interpreting works of visual art.

  • “How to Use Visual Art to Build Literacy” (Blog Post)—Experience Wit & Wisdom’s Content Stages in action with visual art, and learn more about the rationale for teaching art in the English language arts classroom.

  • Wit & Wisdom Art in Context—Examine the topics and texts of nine Wit & Wisdom grade-level modules to learn how visual art study contributes to building knowledge about a historical, scientific, or literary topic

  • English Language Arts/Literacy Standards Connections—See college and career readiness standards that visual art study can reinforce.
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