What is the Eureka Math homework routine?

We do not specify a homework routine, we allow for teacher discretion to customize homework assignments and routines that meet the specific needs of an individual classroom. In making decisions about how to assign and manage homework, consider the following: 

Students’ performance in class, particularly on the Exercises and Examples and exit tickets, will provide the teacher with valuable information that should drive homework decisions. 

A set of problems is provided on the daily Problem Set. This bank of problems, directly tied to the day’s lesson, should be assigned thoughtfully by the teacher. 

It is not necessarily appropriate to assign the entire Problem Set for homework. It is also not necessarily appropriate to assign the same problems to all students. The classroom teacher is in the best position to know what is right for the class, both collectively and individually. 

The classroom teacher is in the best position to know which homework items their students will be able to complete successfully and independently. Thoughtfully customized homework assignments will minimize the amount of valuable instructional time that needs to be devoted to homework the following day, allowing the mathematical story to continue moving forward. On our website, we provide grade-level specific Pacing and Preparation Guides, which are intended to provide teachers with a process to customize and prepare for instruction. This includes adapting the lesson to meet the needs of individual students. It could similarly be applied to homework.