Three-Dimensional Assessment: How Do You Know How Your Students Are Developing? 

Three-Dimensional Assessment: How Do You Know How Your Students Are Developing

Assessing student progress is an essential aspect of effective teaching. By measuring student development, educators can adapt their instruction to fit student needs. A balance of formative and summative assessments plays a critical role in this evaluation. Because we know that students have different backgrounds and experiences, PhD Science® includes at least one formative assessment per lesson. Teachers are constantly able to measure where their learners are in the development of key science concepts.  

Join us as we talk about our formative assessments, summative assessments, and flexible (formative or summative) assessments. We'll discuss the three-dimensionality of our approach and how phenomena can be used to assess students in authentic ways.  


This session is the second in our four-part Strategies To Make Your Science Classroom Thrive webinar series. Click the links below to view the other sessions in the series.

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Genie Albina
Genie Albina

Implementation Support Specialist, Science
Great Minds

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