How Science Knowledge Builds Within and Across Grade Levels

How Science Knowledge Builds Within and Across Grade Levels

At Great Minds®, we believe that every child is capable of greatness, and we want to help teachers provide their students with a science education as limitless as science itself. To achieve this goal, students rigorously engage in learning that builds their coherent understanding of scientific knowledge. 

Join us as we explore what knowledge building looks like in PhD Science®, including the tools to facilitate learning with a knowledge-building curriculum. As students integrate and apply new knowledge, they apply the concepts to make sense of new phenomena. Coherence extends across modules, levels, and even content areas as students deepen their understanding of scientific topics.


This session is the fourth webinar in our four-part Strategies To Make Your Science Classroom Thrive webinar series. Click the links below to view the other sessions in the series.

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Robby Hunter
Robby Hunter

Implementation Support Associate, Science
Great Minds

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