Don’t simply lecture about science, lead the student-driven exploration of science using PhD Science®. We encourage those who are new to PhD Science to participate in professional development before implementing the curriculum. These invaluable sessions are led by teacher–writers and experts who draw on their experience and expertise to help participants prepare for, and sustain, successful implementation. 

PhD Science Virtually

We now offer virtual PhD Science professional development, inspired by the same learning design and goals as our in-person conferences. Two Great Minds®️ facilitators lead between 20 to 35 individual participants in sessions tailored to meet the ongoing needs of teachers. Join educators from around the country for a virtual open enrollment. 

Private Virtual PD

Come together with educators from your school or district for a private PhD Science PD session just for your group. Great Minds®️ facilitators will work with up to 35 participants, with the ability to join from their respective remote locations.

Virtual Coaching

Educators, get ready to be empowered! Sign up for virtual coaching to support effective implementation of the PhD Science curriculum. Sessions build up your capacity to make informed decisions regarding instruction.

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Teacher listens to students at a table discuss experiments with electricity.

The PhD Science team has crafted a multi-year professional development sequence to support teachers, science coaches, and school leaders. Learn the methods and strategies needed to make the shift to student-driven science learning. Select from the following sessions:

  • Launch PhD Science for Levels K–2
  • Launch PhD Science for Levels 3-5 
  • Focus on Instructional Techniques I

Launch PhD Science for Levels K-2

Launch PhD Science sessions focus on the curriculum’s learning design, approach to knowledge building, and lesson structure. These sessions cover details such as how each module incorporates hands-on investigations, trade books, and fine art in an age-appropriate manner. Prepare to transition to a student-driven classroom with a focus on building lasting knowledge in science before implementing lessons in the classroom. 

Launch PhD Science for Levels 3–5

Discover the PhD Science learning design, approach to knowledge building, and lesson structure as well as curriculum details such as how each module incorporates hands-on investigations, trade books, and fine art. Learn how to transition to a student-driven classroom and gain comfort and to confidently implement a rigorous curriculum that prizes productive struggle. Timing: before implementation.

Focus on Instructional Techniques I

Dive into PhD Science resources and learn how to use practical planning tools and strategies to build your content knowledge while preparing for curriculum implementation. Explore the anchor model and anchor chart—two key visuals that allow students to expand upon their curiosity and document layers of knowledge as they develop. Join a Focus session six to eight weeks into implementation. 

Student has an Aha! moment as he pours water down a chute.

PhD Science virtual coaching sessions are designed for new and experienced classroom teachers, science coaches, and school leaders. Grade-level teams and professional learning communities are encouraged to participate together to enrich the experience and build upon their learnings. Each session holds 12-25 participants who have already completed a Launch PhD Science session. Select from the following: 

  • Planning and Preparing by Using Checks for Understanding 
  • Advancing Science Instruction with Collaborative Conversations
  • Classroom Management in a Student-Driven Classroom
  • Learn Anywhere with PhD Science in Sync

Planning and Preparing by Using Checks for Understanding

Teachers are invited to explore how using Checks for Understanding helps students build their science knowledge throughout a PhD Science module. Learn how to use this lesson-level formative assessment tool to monitor learning as well as guide instructional decisions and pacing. This session is currently available only for Levels 3–5.

Advancing Science Instruction With Collaborative Conversations

Examine collaborative conversations as an instructional routine in three-dimensional teaching and learning in PhD Science. Guided by a session facilitator and alongside other educators, participants will also explore ways to maintain collaborative conversations among students in a virtual learning setting. 

Classroom Management In A Student-Driven Classroom

In this teacher-facing session, participants and facilitators identify the keys to successful classroom management and the role they play in pacing. Participants will develop skills in conducting small- and large-group discussions and supervising student-led, hands-on investigations.

Learn Anywhere with PhD Science in Sync

Learn how to effectively implement PhD Science in Sync and sustainably support students in a continuous learning model. Complete with knowledge building materials and video content,  this virtual coaching session covers how to tailor instruction to suit any learning model, whether in the classroom, online-only, or hybrid learning. This session is currently available for Levels K-5. 


Whether you're ready to register for a session or you're still making a plan for professional development, connect with us! Together, we’ll make the best plan for your implementation timeline and local goals.