Koi Beard

Before joining Great Minds®, Koi enjoyed eight years as an elementary school teacher in Louisiana. She had the opportunity to pilot PhD Science in her third-grade classroom and went on to teach the curriculum the following school year after full implementation. Koi came to fully appreciate the impact that PhD Science has on students and teachers alike as a Great Minds summer associate, a role that allowed her to share with other educators the lessons she learned teaching PhD Science. Koi now works full time with Great Minds as an implementation support specialist helping school districts successfully implement this high-quality curriculum. She lives just outside of New Orleans, in Metairie, Louisiana.

Koi Beard

An Inside Look at Cross-Content Connections in PhD Science 

How do butterflies survive over time in a changing environment? This is an essential question that PhD Science® Level 3 students dive into. Students...

Planning and Preparing for Lessons

As we dive into a new school year, now is a good time to focus on the two “Ps” that can help new implementers begin their journey with PhD Science®...

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