English Professional Development

Great Minds® professional development offerings empower you to maximize student success with Wit & Wisdom® and Geodes®. Created by our team of teacher-writers and led by expert implementers, our sessions build understanding of our products, the research that supports them, and the skills needed for effective implementation, turning educators from generalists into specialists.

On Site

Engage in professional learning with colleagues in your school or district to build shared understanding through professional development. Our team partners to select the sessions that best support your educators’ needs.

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National Institutes

At national institutes, you will engage in professional learning with colleagues from across the country. Institutes include multiple days Wit & Wisdom and Geodes professional development sessions and are offered in varied locations throughout the year.

Regional Institutes

Hosted by a local district, regional institutes offer you the opportunity to form a regional peer learning community. The host district schedules selected Wit & Wisdom and Geodes professional development sessions and invites interested local educators to attend.

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Sessions Available

Learn with other Great Minds educators and engage as trusted colleagues in sessions designed to deepen your understanding of Wit & Wisdom and Geodes. You will learn methods and strategies for successful implementation through reinforcing the rigor of complex texts, experiential knowledge building, integrating differentiation, driving inquiry, and more. Sessions include:

Wit & Wisdom

  • Launch Wit & Wisdom
  • Module and Lesson Study
  • Writing in Wit & Wisdom
  • Focus on Fluency
  • Testing and Wit & Wisdom
  • Lead Wit & Wisdom (for administrators)

  • Getting Started with Geodes Levels 1 and 2

Launch Wit & Wisdom

Launch Wit & Wisdom introduces new adopters to Wit & Wisdom. Learn of the rigor and productive struggle the program requires; the close-reading processes and text-based work at the heart of the program; the role of knowledge-building; and how the curriculum teaches and assesses skills. You will also develop skills in accessing and using the program’s resources.

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Module & Lesson Study

Module and Lesson Study takes participants deep into the curriculum and offers practical planning tools for successful implementation. Participants analyze research on productive struggle; learn an approach to module and lesson preparation; study instructional strategies to support productive struggle and foster meaningful conversations; and prepare for Module 0.

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Writing in Wit & Wisdom

Writing in Wit & Wisdom"delves into Wit & Wisdom’s text-based approach to teaching writing. Participants analyze the CCSS writing shifts; examine why and how content knowledge supports student writing; deepen understanding of Wit & Wisdom’s integrated approach; and analyze Wit & Wisdom’s writing Craft Stages and use of writing models.

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Focus on Fluency

Focus on Fluency deepens educators’ understanding of fluency, its impact on student literacy, and how best to teach it. Participants learn the connection between fluency and comprehension across grade levels, deepen understanding of research on fluency and how it supports students, and strengthen fluency instruction with preparation and implementation strategies.

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Testing and Wit & Wisdom

Testing and Wit & Wisdom engages educators with active learning as they analyze assessment items, research, and Wit & Wisdom instructional practices. Participants examine the demands of typical tasks from ELA assessments, deepen understanding of research on test preparation, and learn effective approaches to test preparation.

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Lead Wit & Wisdom

Lead Wit & Wisdom builds leaders’ understanding of Wit & Wisdom and prepares them to lead implementation. Analyze key elements of Wit & Wisdom and the instructional shifts those may require; deepen understanding of the learning design; learn the preparation needed for successful implementation; and learn what to expect in Year 1 of implementation.

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Getting Started with Geodes Levels 1 and 2

Getting Started with Geodes Levels 1 and 2 examines early literacy development research and discusses the instructional implications for emerging and developing readers; analyzes texts used for early literacy instruction; explores how Geodes build students’ knowledge and skills; and provides you with a flexible approach for planning Geodes instruction.

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Plan PD for your school

Whether you're ready to register for a session or you're still making a plan for professional development, connect with Great Minds. We will work together to make the best plan for your implementation timeline and local goals. 

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