On-Demand Webinar:
Building a Knowledge-Rich Literacy Curriculum

Learn how to select and implement a successful literacy curriculum.

How can administrators create a district literacy community where every student is engaged, enthusiastic, and eager to read grade-level texts? How can school leaders create a culture where English language arts is the class that students can’t get enough of?

Join the director of humanities at Great Minds, as well as leaders from the Meeting Street Schools in South Carolina and Sheridan School District No. 2 in Colorado, as they share what it takes to build a knowledge-rich literacy curriculum, and the keys to fostering ELA. 

Topics will include

  • a framework for selecting an effective English curriculum,
  • how the right learning design can support all learners,
  • why a knowledge-rich literacy curriculum is key to student achievement, and
  • why we owe it to students at all levels to keep expectations high.


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