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Planning & Pacing for Success in Eureka Math2

Planning and Pacing for Success in Eureka Math²

In this 90-minutes session, join Eureka Math2 writers, teachers, and coaches as they share best practices for planning and pacing for a lesson, module, topic, and the full instructional year. Examples from both our elementary and secondary grade levels will be showcased.


Learn a process to customize and differentiate lessons to meet the needs of any classroom. The panelists will showcase their approach to planning and pacing by using concrete examples from the program to help participants visualize and decide how Eureka Math2 can best work in various learning environments. This session will help participants make the most of the curriculum, increase their content knowledge, and help them understand the why behind the writer's decisions in our program.  

Session Q&A Responses

During the live session, questions were posed by attendees. We are happy to provide responses to these questions for review. If you need clarification or have additional questions, please get in touch with a member of our sales team.



If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact us.


Christine Hopkinson
Christine Hopkinson

Senior Curriculum Developer, Mathematics
Great Minds

Cherie Neill
Cherie Neill

Implementation Support Specialist
Great Minds

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