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Accelerating Math Instruction in Middle School: Introducing Eureka Math2® Level 7–8

Introducing Eureka Math² Level 7–8

As part of the ongoing launch of our new, exponentially greater math program, Eureka Math², Great Minds® is excited to announce the debut of our newest grade level, 7–8. Join us and see what makes this new grade level exponentially more accessible, engaging, teachable, and ultimately more joyful for middle school students and teachers alike.  


What You'll Explore in This Webinar 

In this session, participants will learn how our Eureka Math² Level 7–8 course  

  • was created by teachers for teachers and incorporates feedback from teachers and students,
  • embraces the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) so every child can access rich mathematical content, and 
  • creates an accelerated pathway designed to prepare students for Algebra I in grade level 8.


Session Q&A Responses

During the live session, questions were posed by attendees. We are happy to provide responses to these questions for review. 

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Erika Silva
Erika Silva

Senior Curriculum Developer, Mathematics
Great Minds

Heidi Strate
Heidi Strate

Curriculum Developer Team Lead, Mathematics
Great Minds

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